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Specialists in substainable veneer

DaVeCo has 40 years of experience in supplying quality veneers for all types of production. We trade in raw veneer and format veneer in all types of wood from all over the world.

Eye for good wood

DaVeCo - your preferred veneer supplier

Veneer in a quality of its own
As a customer, you can entrust the selection of the most suitable raw materials and manufacturing methods to DaVeCo. With more than 40 years of experience, quality assessment is definitely one of our top competencies. DaVeCo delivers to customers who demand genuine quality. To us it is vital that you, as the customer, get a product that meets expectations 100 percent.

Why choose us?

  • Focus on sustainability
    Using nature's own materials is what comes most natural to us. The unique structure and shine of the wood gives it completely exceptional possibilities compared to other materials. We are convinced that the best way for us to protect our natural environment is to support and work toward sustainable, environmentally friendly forestry worldwide.
  • Win-win solutions
    Only by listening to our customers and ensuring the highest quality in all that we do we will be able to offer the solution that creates maximum benefits both for the customer and for ourselves.
  • Being honest, professional and uncompromising
    In a flexible organisation such as ours, honesty and professionalism are the sustaining elements of any partnership. We will work uncompromisingly and ensure that we are always capable of creating optimal solutions. We want no one to doubt that we know what we are doing.

DaVeCo is certified

Over the years, we have also made requirements on our suppliers to ensure that the wood we purchase comes from forests that operate replanting programmes. That is why it was a natural next step to require documentation for the origin of the wood – i.e. a guarantee of sustainable forestry – that we can pass on to our customers. It is for this reason that we have been FSC® certified since the start of 2010.
  • That the forest is managed responsibly and long-term
  • That no more tree is removed even the forest can reach a reproduce
  • That the forest as an ecosystem is preserved, together with its biodiversity
  • That the social and economic conditions improve for the people who live by and in the forest
  • That forestry is done in an economically viable way
  • That forest management is monitored and continuously adapted

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