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About us

More than 40 years of veneer

DaVeCo (Danish Veneer Company) specialises in delivering quality veneer to all types of production. We provide consultancy on wood species and manufacturing methods and make sure that you, as a customer, get exactly the quality that you require. DaVeCo was founded by Peter Jensen, who has worked in the veneer industry for more than 40 years.

DaVeCo is founded by Peter Jensen, who has worked in the veneer business for more than 40 years. Peter has an eye for good wood when he sees it. This ability benefits DaVeCo's customers. When raw wood and veneer has to be quality evaluated and selected by the manufacturers in Europe, Africa and North America, Peter Jensen is acting precisely with the customer's eyes.

Our customers need to be able to trust that we master the selection of the most suitable raw materials and manufacturing methods. Quality assessment happens to be one of our absolute top competencies. At DaVeCo, we want to be the customer's preferred supplier when genuine quality products are required. For us it is essential that the customer get a product that meets expectations 100 percent – and needless to say, this applies to the full product.

A level of quality second to none

Using nature's own materials is what comes most natural to us. We believe that the unique structure and shine of the wood provide exceptional possibilities for the manufacturing of floors, furniture, kitchens, windows, and doors.

Fortunately, we are seeing clear signs that natural wood species are again gaining into modern interior design. Several leading designers at home and abroad are now combining coloured artificial material with impressive details in veneer.

For this reason we have a clear expectation that in the future, veneer will mix in a higher percentage with stylish surfaces such as black/white and high lustre.

At DaVeCo we are driven by a passion for great craftsmanship. Our mantra is: We can do it better


At DaVeCo, we are convinced that "we can do it better" than the established veneer industry. By focusing on quality without compromise among ourselves and with our suppliers, we will create the best solutions. Through perseverance, we will strengthen professional knowledge and competencies, making us competitive on all significant parameters.

Only by listening to our customers and ensuring the highest quality in all that we do we will be able to offer the solution that creates maximum benefits both for the customer and for ourselves.
In a flexible organisation such as ours, honesty and professionalism are the sustaining elements of any partnership. We will work uncompromisingly and ensure that we are always capable of creating optimal solutions. We want no one to doubt that we know what we are doing
Using nature's own materials is what comes most natural to us. The unique structure and shine of the wood gives it completely exceptional possibilities compared to other materials. We are convinced that the best way for us to protect our natural environment is to support and work toward sustainable, environmentally friendly forestry worldwide.

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Bent Nesgård

Bent Nesgård

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Peter Jensen

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