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Peter Jensen, director at DaVeCo, has more than 30 years of experience with quality assessment, production, sales, purchasing, and distribution of veneer to and from countries all over the world. He does not hide the fact that some countries are far from complying with common ethical principles when it comes to working conditions and forestry. For this same reason, DaVeCo has excluded certain countries and thereby also certain wood species from its product range. Along with the government’s setting of documentation requirements for social responsibility, many Danish and foreign manufacturers have begun to demand sustainable veneer.

We are convinced that in a matter of just a few years, sustainability will become an essential requirement from our customers and from the end link in the consumer chain. Hence, DaVeCo is your guarantee that the veneer that leaves our warehouse has its origin in a sustainable supply chain.

To us, sustainability is an important brand factor. For this reason we seek to promote the use of natural materials, but never at the expense of Mother Nature.

Our customers need to be able to trust that we master the selection of the most suitable raw materials and manufacturing methods. Quality assessment happens to be one of our absolute top competencies. At DaVeCo, we want to be the customers preferred supplier when genuine quality products are required. For us it is essential that the customer get a product that meets expectations 100 percent – and needless to say, this applies to the full product.


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