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DaVeCo ApS has a level of quality second to none.
Peter Jensen has an eye for quality wood when he sees it. This is an ability that DaVeCos customers benefit from. When assessing and selecting raw wood and veneer from the manufacturers in Europe, Africa, and North America, Peter Jensen acts from the customers point of view.

Our customers need to be able to trust that we master the selection of the most suitable raw materials and manufacturing methods. Quality assessment happens to be one of our absolute top competencies. At DaVeCo, we want to be the customers preferred supplier when genuine quality products are required. For us it is essential that the customer get a product that meets expectations 100 percent – and needless to say, this applies to the full product.

Veneer of sustainable wood
Over the years, we have also made requirements on our suppliers to ensure that the wood we purchase comes from forests that operate replanting programmes. That is why it was a natural next step to require documentation for the origin of the wood – i.e. a guarantee of sustainable forestry – that we can pass on to our customers. It is for this reason that we have been FSC® certified since the start of 2010.

The global certification systems ensure that forestry is carried out in a long-term, sustainable manner: FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).

DaVeCo is certified here:
FSC® certificate code: NC-COC-011829 / NC-CW-011829

FSC® is the only forest certification approved by the WWH and the Rainforest Alliance. The certification programme are monitored by a neutral, external third party. FSC® is the brainchild of a number of green organisations.

Globally, 8% of the world’s forests were certified in 2010. The Nordic countries, however, have made much more progress. In fact, around 80% of the forests in this region are certified in accordance with FSC®.

Chain of custody (CoC)
An important part of the work of FSC® is to act as guarantor for the origin of the wood. To receive FSC® certification – and therefore have the right to sell certified products – the company has to be able to document the origin of the wood. The traceability requirement applies to all links in the value chain, irrespective of how many stages there may be between the felled tree and the finished item of furniture. Only in this way the end user can be sure that the wood used to make the furniture stems from a responsible source.

DaVeCo has certificates from FSC®. Please do not hesitate to call us for further information about which certified wood spicies we can offer.

The forests and the climate
The forests are extremely important to the climate of our planet. As plants grow they assimilate CO2, which they release again when they die or are burned. Around 80% of the CO2 on land is bound up in the forests. When areas of forest disappear, this affects the CO2 balance and contributes to climate change. Every year an area of forest three times the size of Denmark disappears. Deforestation is a global climate problem, but a problem that we – as a manufacturer of wood-based furniture – can make a positive contribution to reducing. In contrast to what many people may think, the solution is not to stop using wood as a material for furniture. Rather, it is to use wood in a sustainable manner.
Sustainable management of forests entails using the forest in a responsible manner that lives up to the established requirements that cover organic, social and financial aspects. Replanting ensures that forestry operations can be run from the long-term perspective and thus accommodate both social and financial considerations.

Sustainable forestry means:
Running forestry operations responsibly and from a long-term perspective
Not removing more trees than the forest itself can manage to reproduce
Maintaining the forest as an eco-system, including its biodiversity
Improving social and financial conditions for the people who live off and in the forest
Running forestry operations in a financially profitable manner
Monitoring forestry operations and adapting them as and when necessary

The social aspects of forest certification
FSC® lays down requirements for the forest to be operated in a responsible manner. This applies not only to organic issues, but also to social and financial aspects. The three aspects are not viewed in isolation, but as a coherent whole, which defines responsible forestry.
Sustainability is not just about the climate and the environment. It also has to do with safeguarding the conditions for the people who live off and in the forests, in both the short and the long term.


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